As a brand strategist, I use my love of marketing and business to bridge the gap between bottom-line objectives and the importance of creativity and design in today’s business environment

I specialize in rebranding, stitching together the essence of a company’s past with a new vision for long-term growth. Combining a penchant for design and data, I’ve developed a unique framework to synthesize complex information into clear, concise direction that guides business teams to make better decisions that also creates a trusting, emotional relationship for customers, transforming perception and buying behaviors.

I’ve studied art and design for almost 20 years, electing to focus my undergrad and graduate studies on the intersection of social entrepreneurship, business, and design, seeking answers to questions unknown. I frequently attend creative conferences and meetups for entrepreneurs, creative thought leaders, and senior leadership.

When I’m not reimagining brands or studying consumer trends and behaviors, you can usually find me in the kitchen whipping up a thyroid-friendly meal (follow along at musteatlunch.com) or out exploring with my two silly Dalmatians and husband in Orange County.

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I help companies and nonprofits stay [or move] ahead of the competition, generate their next big idea, transform their business process, and create an organizational culture that allows creativity and innovation to flourish centered entirely around the essence of their brand.

Because a strong brand is the lifeblood of any business.

A solid brand foundation starts with the potential to generate ideas that will transform perceptions, disrupt the market, engage customers, and fuel a company’s ability to remain innovative and competitive, propelling them forward into the future.

The problem is that many companies don’t have the right structure or techniques to step away from their business and think creatively about how to grow. Many start the dangerous comparison game. They focus on imitation. But they don’t start with their brand – the very principal guiding everything they do. And then they wonder why the numbers aren’t there.

I believe in a creative marketing process, providing the tools and strategies to successfully manage the entire “out-of-the-box” creative process – from identifying the most important business challenges to developing proactive solutions and designing the right campaigns and collateral that clients will love.


With over ten years of professional experience, I’ve worked with a variety of industry sectors.

Artists & Creative Designers

Fashion & Jewelry Designers
Food & Beverage Brands
Government (Municipal & State)

Healthcare Providers

Higher Education Institutions
Performing Arts Organizations
Manufacturing & Technology

Startups (Series B) & Venture Capitalists



As a consultant, I pride myself in stepping into my client’s shoes to immerse myself in their business. This is the only way to properly identify opportunities to grow their business and brand.

Problem Solver

Design without purpose is nothing more than pretty details. It’s a science and great design plays a vital role in solving problems that improve the consumer experience.

Create Clear Vision

I’m a catalyst for my clients, sparking ideas and mixing concepts to find the best way to energize brands through powerful visual design and actionable plans based on an analysis of the right data.

Believe in Collaboration

Without a strong team, a brand will never reach it’s full potential. Working with your key team functional areas including senior leadership, sales, IT, product design and development, and customer service, is essential to my process.

Ambitious Go-getter

I’m always looking for opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone, challenge my own perceptions, to expand my collaborative network.

Hands-on Doer

The best part of my work is rolling up my sleeves and getting to the root cause of every business problem, inspiring clients to identify creative ideas and solutions.

I’m a fan of Instagram

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